The library catalogue is undergoing scheduled maintenance. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll get things back up and running as soon as we can.

How long will the maintenance take?

Usually, it’s just a few hours at most. If it’s expected to take any longer, you may find information on your local authority web pages.

I saw this message last night, and I’m still seeing it the next morning. Shouldn’t the catalogue be back up by now?

Your web browser might have cached this page. Browsers do this to make load times quicker, but sometimes there are side effects.

You can force your browser to reload the page: pressing Ctrl+F5 on most browsers in Windows, or Cmd+F5 on a Mac usually does it, but refer to help content on your browser for more details if you need to.

If you’re seeing this message on a smartphone or tablet, refer to the settings and help in your browser.

The catalogue is still not showing. What else can I try?

Try clearing your cached files. Refer to the help content in your browser to find out how.